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Motorsport UK Interclub Race Licence

To be able to enter Club Level Motorsport first you must acquire if successful a Motorsport UK Interclub Race Licence formally the National “B” Race Licence. This being the minimum requirement to compete in Car circuit races through out the UK.. First step purchase your Motorsport UK Go Racing Pack. 


Motorsport UK Go Racing Pack


Apply to Motorsport UK for a Go Racing Pack -  your first years licence fee included, a USB featuring the Motorsport UK yearbook and an instructional film. You will also receive booklet out lining the next steps to acquire your first competition licence.





If you are 60 or over you will need to have a medical examination with a Doctor who will fill in the medical section of the licence application form, some Doctors may charge for this.


18-60 year olds will need to have an eye test, to be completed on your application form. This can be done before or after your ARDS course, but before you apply for your race licence. (If you already have a Motorsport UK licence that requires a Medical e.g. Karting this can be transported).

ARDS Course

Next stage is to book your 'ARDS' course.

ARDS stands for Association of Racing Driving Schools. In this course you will start with a welcome briefing which will include guidance of what to expect from the ARDS course and your first race meeting.

You will sit a 30 minute written test, this will include questions on circuit racing and your knowledge of the relevant flags used to communicate important safety information. The illustrations and the meaning of the relevant flags are in the Motorsport UK Go Starter Pack. Make sure you know your flags you must get 100% in this section of theory test.

Following the theory test you will head out on track with an ARDS examiner in a provided car, generally you will need your arms and legs covered with sensible shoes and you will need to wear a helmet, most centres have helmet hire if required. The examiner will evaluate your ability to lap the circuit in a safe and controlled manner using the 'Racing Line'. Remember this will be more than likley on a live track so watch out for other drivers. This isn't a test of your speed it's a test of your competency.

After your practical on track you will have a debrief and if successful they will stamp your Competition licence application form, which you can then send to Motorsport UK to receive your Interclub Race Licence.

Become a ClubRacingUK Member and receive a discount from The Motorsport School on your ARDS course!

Or Click the link below and book your ARDS with us, everything included and get racing!

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