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Driver Essentials

To Compete in any level of Club Motorsport you will need the following!

Remember try and spend the most you can afford, your purchasing this equipment to possibly save your life! All your safety equipment will be checked at every race whilst in scrutineering, they must be in good physical condition, have the correct FIA approved labelling and be in date!



Helmets come in all shapes and sizes make

sure it is comfortable and you can wear for

long durations without any negative effects,

it must also have posts to connect your

frontal head restraint and must have the

correct 'Standard' label.



Frontal Head Restraint (FHRs) 

You must have a Frontal Head Restraint also known as

'HANS Device' this is held in place with your seat harnesses

and tethers to your helmet. In an incident this is

designed to restrain the frontal movement

of the head to reduce loads to the head and neck.

This must also carry the correct 'Standard' Label.

Race Suit

You must be wearing a Race Suit this Is designed

for fire retardant purposes. Depending on the cost

your race suit will come with different amounts

of layers, each layer will give approx. 3 seconds

protection from fire, so the more you have the better!

This must also carry the correct 'Standard' Label.


Your Gloves will come in different shapes

and sizes, they will aid you during the race to

keep a firm grip of the steering wheel also these

need to be comfortable. Your gloves will also protect your

hand in the event of a fire.

Your gloves must also carry the correct 'Standard' Label.

Race Boots

Race boots will come in all different shapes and sizes.

Make sure the pair you buy are comfortable and are the

best you can afford, most importantly these are also fire

retardant and must have the correct 'standard' label.



Fire Proof Underwear and Balaclava

Though it is not essential to wear these items it's highly recommended, every layer of fire

proof clothing adds essential time you need to escape the vehicle and prevent burn injury's.

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Hawke Motorsport fire proof underwaer to
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