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So you want to be a racing driver?
lets get you on track with these 3 easy steps


Theres 100s of different championships and series' on offer, ranging from small powered Endurance racing, Saloon car racing, single seaters, hot hatches right up to high powered fire breathing monsters.

Its all personal preference as to what ticks your boxes, we would recommend going to watch some live racing to get a taste of what its all about, speak to some of the drivers and teams, see what the pros and cons are, rough costs etc, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. See the WHATS ON in the link below:

Step 1: Lets go racing

Step 2: UK Racing Clubs

In the UK we're governed by Motorsport UK, from there the various race meetings that are held on any given weekend are run by multiple different clubs, the main clubs are:

these clubs then run multiple types of racing, some similar to others and some unique kinds of motorsport, this is where you will need to really see what takes your fancy.

Racing for fun? with friends? want the challenge of a well established series? a particular car brand you like? you also want to be looking at:


  • Venues

  • Affordability

  • Regulations

  • Grid sizes

  • Race dates

  • Formats (sprints, mini endurance, full endurance) 



Step 3: Decision Making

Once you know what you want to be doing its then just a matter of getting your race licence, essential race gear and building/buying/renting a car.


Check out the info tabs for more detail.

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