Without the Marshalls, Scrutineers, Time Keepers, Rescue and Recovery racing wouldn't be possible if you would like to help in any way please click on the link below and get involved you are always welcome.

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Next Stage is Finding which category you would like to race in, Would you like to build your own race car, hire a race car or purchase a package with a race teams?

They're many Motorsport Clubs you can join that offer large variety of choice to suit your car specification, driving preference and your budget.

    Track Days

Track days are a great and cheap way to test your race car. Shop around you can get good deals from £50 - £200 depending on the session length and if it is an open pit lane or allotted time slot.

What you will need

Please check with your track day host but generally the minimum you will need  is your helmet, your arms and legs to be covered and your driving licence. However it is always highly recommended if you have all the correct driver essential PPE you should use it.

What to expect on your track day

You will have a drivers briefing before going on track, noise limit check(If rule applies) normally 1 - 2 sighting laps following a pace car and the rest of the time is yours. If you have an open pit lane you can go on and off track as many times as you would like.

Remember on a track days laps will not be timed as this is deamed to be in competition, this could result in a black flag and removed from the session if you are found to be using lap timers.

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Arrive and Drive

If you don't want the hassle of building and maintaining your own car, there many companies that can provide a car and team throughout your race weekend. You can either sign up for a one off race weekend or even with some companies select a package for a whole race season. All you will need is the driver essential PPE and a Competition racing licence. You can generally find arrive and drive packages in most series contact them to find out more info.

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UK Racing Clubs

If you do want to build your own race car and run your own team, there are many clubs and series for you to choose from. Make sure you find the correct series for your and the cars ability, otherwise you could be left at the back of the grid every weekend.

Having your own car and team is possibly the best experience for learning creating friendships and accomplishing dreams!

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