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2022 Ambassadors

ClubRacingUK Ambassador Program will follow selected drivers/teams through a season of racing. Our goal is to help the drivers/teams with a massive boost in social media exposure, along side our partnered companies we will help with products, services, support and information to push the ambassador's to a successful year of racing and growth in the club motorsport community.

New this year the ambassadors will receive a preseason track day to test their cars and meet the ClubRacingUK team and partners, they will also be entered into the Birkett relay race alongside the ClubRacingUK team!

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Dan Thackery


I originally raced back in 2004 in a junior feeder series called T-Cars ran by the BRSCC for 14-17year olds. I had done 4 years of Karting previously ending up as Junior Rotax champion but I was pretty big for my age and needed to make the jump to cars. I finished 3rd that season which was highest ever Novice and in doing so got offered a chance to have a part sponsored drive in VW Cup in 2005 aged 16. I was the youngest ever podium finisher in my first race but it all went downhill from there with a series of front end of the pack results left to go begging with mechanical failures! I think more in sorrow another driver offered me his car for the last round which was a brand new Mk5 Golf diesel which I managed to put on 2nd on the grid and come home with a podium to at least end on a high, it was also a great consolation to be awarded driver of the year by BRSCC at the end of season awards! 


Unfortunately like many, budget ended my dreams early, we simply couldn't afford to continue or move up categories and I parked my love for Motorsport until I could fund it myself.


Fast forward to 2019 and now able to fund myself....just... I stumbled across the Type R Trophy launch at the Birmingham Autosport show. Always loved a Civic and was hooked and signed up nearly instantly. I hadn't set foot on track for 10 years previously to the pre season test day but we had a great two years winning 14 out of 18 races entered and graduating to the Civic Cup for 2021. 


The switch to the Cup Championship was very last minute and I only received the car the weekend before the first meeting at Cadwell Park. Somehow, we managed to put the car on pole position but unfortunately contact in the rear of the car going in to the first corner left me limping with a sheared wheel and puncture to limp around and try and finish. That was the start of a tough season with some huge car failures culminating with a double engine and gearbox blow in the 3rd meeting at Oulton which ended my season prematurely. 


My Civic has been off the track since then and undergoing a full strip down and overhaul to fix the mountain of issues we had and start with a blank slate to attack the Civic Cup 2022!

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Nick 'Prawn' Vaughan


So, TeamPrawnRacing? What's it all about?


Essentially, it's 4 great mates, racing an Audi A3, built at home in a shed, and filming everything we do to share with the good people of Youtube!


With forums dying out, it was clear that social media was the future, so a couple of years ago, with a prod from a great friend (Rainbird - introduced below), the youtube channel was born.


The plan for the channel was always to document the journey of going from Trackdays, to racing, and over the past 3 years we've covered all the changes to the car, getting the licence, joining a club, and going racing with the 750MC.  Since it's launch, the channel has had over 500 000 views, with 1.2m impressions in 2021. Our IG account is about to reach 5k followers, with a reach of 300k in 2021, and really decent engagement, so it's all going in the right direction, but we'd like to go further!


We've now done 2 years in Roadsports, racing as the underdogs in Class A against some seriously impressive machinery, returning 2 podiums from 5 races, and never finishing outside the top 5. Our best result to date was Donington in December 2020, where we took pole in the wet, followed by a class win.


For 2022, we're looking for a different challenge, and a different type of racing, so we're aiming high, and entering the Thunder Saloons series with the Classic Touring Car Racing Club. It'll be a challenge, with much more powerful cars on the grid and slick tyres, but it's one we're very excited about! Having done the Roadsports series for 2 years, we were keen to enter a championship for 2022, so we will be entering all 8 rounds of the calendar to see how we shape up at the end of the year!

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Cameron Bell

A 32 year old Yorkshireman with a love of pork pies, being cash savvy and a passion for motorsports. For years I’ve been wanting to give racing a go and in 2020 I was lucky enough to have a bit of extra cash left over from a house sale and so began my club racing journey. Months of research and planning were able to come to fruition at the start of 2021 when I entered the 750MC Toyota MR2 Championship. I’ve been tinkering with engines, cars and motorbikes since I was a teenager so I was able to confidently build my race car to championship regulations in my home garage with help from a great friend of mine, who dealt with the welding of the roll cage. 2021 was a huge learning curve having entered 12 of the 16 races of the championship with a best finish of 19th. As I have come to learn just getting to the end of each race is a huge win and I’m proud about what I achieved in 2021.


Plans for 2022

I will be entering the Toyota MR2 Championship for my 2nd season where I hope to improve on my results from last year. I also have a goal of entering all 16 races and finishing in the top 15 of the championship overall. Other plans for 2022 include some sort of race livery, more seat time, approaching businesses to create partnerships with to help fund my season and to grow my social media and race weekend presence. 

2022 Ambassador Partners

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