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Here at Club Racing UK we are passionate about motorsport especially grassroots circuit racing.

We set this club up to help promote the racing community, show what's happening most weekends around the UK and help others looking to get involved.


The information and guidance out there is often, adgenda driven and complicated, along with the common misconception that motorsport is a rich mans world, this often puts a lot of people off at the first hurdle. 


Well we're here to help un-muddy the water and help you get involved in this amazing world of motorsport no matter your background.

Social Media Exposure 

Help us increase your social media exposure, whatever you are up to we want to see it.


use the tags

@ClubRacingUK or #ClubRacingUK

on all good social media platforms and we will do our best to share as many as we can!

Check out the ClubRacingUK YouTube channel 

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