Club Racing UK Race Day Cleaning Kit


We have partnered up with Mirror Image Car Care to offer you the perfect race/track day cleaning kit.


Kit consists of:


1 x Storage bag

1 x 500ml Tar remover 

1 x 500ml Glass cleaner

1 x 500ml Waterless wash

3 x Kirkland microfibers


Tar Remover - MICC Tar Remover is formulated to remove stubborn stains, rubber marks and slippages. It also offers high performance on all solvent resistant hard surfaces (silicone free). ** Not suitable for wraps **


Glass Cleaner- MICC's scented Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner has been formulated as highly effective and easy to use. Cleans the inside as well as the outside. Highly effective and leaves water beading on the surface. Very easy to apply, removes dirt fast without leaving smudges & streaks. How to use:1. Spray on the glass surface.2. Using a clean folded microfibre, wipe in long strokes up and down the glass.3. Then flip the microfibre over to a clean side or use a glass cloth and wipe in long side to side strokes until the glass is clear and streak-free. Do NOT use in extreme heat


Waterless Wash - Never turn up to your next track session looking dirty when you have MICC Waterless Wash. This cleans and protects your vehicle leaving a shine. Simply spray the waterless wash onto the panel using a clean, soft microfibre towel. Gently remove the grime and dirt from the body work and buff to shine.


Race/Track Day Cleaning Kit