Club Racing UK has partnered with Mirror Image Car Care to offer you the perfect racetrack car preperation cleaning kit.


The kit contains:


1 x storage bag

1 x 500ml Ceramic Detailer

1 x 500ml Ceramic Shampoo

1 x 500ml Snowfoam

1 x 500ml Wheel cleaner


Ceramic Detailer - MICC have formulated the ultimate quick detailer to effectively enhances the gloss of your vehicle’s finish to a deep shine. 

Developed with a unique formula it incorporates high gloss ceramic properties that increase the durability of the finished shine and changes the way water behaves across the surface of your panels, protecting them from the elements, road grime, and other contaminants.


Ceramic Shampoo - MICC have formulated a new blend of concentrated wax and sealant shampoo. Provides a Higher Gloss Finish, Zero water Spots. Polymer Protection


Snowfoam - MICC PH Neutral Snow Foam range is formulated to loosen dirt and grime. MICC recommends before applying MICC Igloo Snow Foam, lightly rinse you car with water, then apply Snow Foam; leave for approximately 3-5 minutes before rinsing again. Snow Foam dilution ratio: 100ml foam to 1 litre of warm water - for thicker foaming add as required


Wheel Cleaner- MICC have formulated an acid free wheel cleaner which will restore the gloss and color of wheels and is perfect for cleaning contaminants, brake dust, iron powder and other dirt. This is one of the best performing and more effective wheel cleaners.


The kit will also contain the triggers as required.

Club Racing UK Race/Track Preperation Cleaning Kit